Online Submissions

Author Guidelines

Authors are encouraged to use the online submission process provided by this website; however, authors are also welcome to email submissions directly to the editor, Scott Slocombe: sslocomb(at)wlu(dot)ca.

Papers should match the aims and objectives of the journal and should be written for a general, rather than expert or technical, audience. Maximum length is 5000-6000 words. If there are many figures and tables, a shorter length may be most appropriate. Longer manuscripts will be considered in particular circumstances.

Text should use a minimal amount of formatting and should be organized using two levels of headings. Footnotes may be used sparingly for clarification of textual material and should be numbered consecutively.

Documents should be in MicroSoft Word, Rich Text or WordPerfect document format.

Abstract, keywords, author biographies
Abstracts should be included with the manuscript and should be 200 words. Articles submitted in French should be accompanied by an English abstract. If possible, articles submitted in English should be accompanied by a French abstract.

A list of five to eight key words that best describe the manuscript should also be included.

If submitting by email, the first page of the manuscript should list the title of the paper, the name, position and a short biographical sketch (about fifty words) of each author. Information which identifies the authors should not appear in any other area of the paper.

Tables and Figures
Authors are encouraged to illustrate their manuscripts with diagrams, images and maps and/or tables. These should be numbered consecutively (either Figure 1, 2… or Table 1, 2…) and should have short, descriptive titles. Titles should not be embedded in figures, but rather be typed as captions above the figure.

While the online version of Environments can display figures that are in colour, authors should be aware that readers may print articles in black-and-white. Please try to ensure that colours used in diagrams and maps will provide suitable contrast for grayscale printing.

Where explanations and references relevant to tables and figures are required, they should be included in notes at the bottom of the table/figure. All figures and tables should be referred to in the text.

For initial manuscript submission, figures and tables should be embedded in the document where they are first referred to. For final publication, figures will usually have to be submitted as separate files in their native format (e.g. pdf, jpg, gif, etc.).